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Is Synesthesia Class for me?

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  • 15 min
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Service Description

15 minute free consultation to determine if you want to join Synesthesia Class. Synesthesia is a neurological condition where the brain has an exceptionally rich neural network crossing and merging the senses. Since we know it's happening in the brain, specifically in our neural networks then we know that by the power of epigenetics (as taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton etc) we can rewire these pathways. I'm not teaching epigenetics, but if you feel like diving deeper, please do so! I can also connect you to a wonderful group that is practicing it in quantum meditation weekly. What I am feeling into is coming through as "Grandmother Spider's Web" of epigenetics. A major part of what we will be working with in Synesthesia Class is developing synesthesia. I believe that it is a language within our DNA that many people simply aren't tuned into - yet. It's running in the background of your mind all the time. This current climate is cracking us open and you may be feeling all kinds of new sensations. Many of us are focused on holding a high frequency, envisioning a beautiful new future and growing a garden. I think we are also ready to wake up the body and merge with the energy body. Synesthesia Class entails lots of exercises for both the subtle energy body and the physical body. A path of merging them, we are on a path of expanding the "knowing" of what messages are, what our intuition is telling us, how to know when messages are true, how to know when we are in our personal alignment. This is bridging our 3d and 5d, of waking up the gems our souls have stored in the meat suit from all the other times we've donned a meat suit, if you will. We are of this planet and of the stars! I will lead guided visual meditations, since visualization is proven to light up all the parts of the brain and successful in merging the energy body with the physical body. Starting from within we expand our web and allow for more vague, broad information to come in. We will expand our personal energy bubbles, feeling the magnetic pulls into the earth's center and out to Source in the cosmos. We work with sacred geometry and our chakras. With the tremors and shivers and feelings in our guts. You will learn to tune into the beautiful chorus of the universe you will feel the ocean within you and the warmth of your personal sun. smells, tastes and touch. It's interactive so we'll work with whatever comes up! The discussion part of the class will be crucial and fun!

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Portland, OR, USA

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